Bayly’s Neck Rd, Accomac, Va 23301–Photo by Dr. Denny

From the SchoolroomIMG_1523.jpg
The teachers on my hall were invited to decorate their doors for Christmas.  Each door would have a theme based on the twelve days of Christmas.  My door would be the two turtle doves.  So I did as all harried teachers do when time is short–I delegated.
“Kate!  Evan!  Come here.”  My two privates approached me warily.
“Yea,” said Katie wondering what I wanted.
“I need a two-turtledove door pronto,” I said imperiously.
They both just stared at me like I had lost it.  I could see they weren’t absorbing the seriousness of this covert mission.
“You need what?” asked Evan.
“You know, two turtle doves on my door.  It’s for Christmas.”
After a bit of arm-twisting and bribery, they got to work.  The kids spread out in the hallway in front of the door and pulled out piles of paper and scissors and tape and began sketching out their masterpiece–little MIchaelangelos prepping for a Sistine Chapel fresco.
I didn’t win the best artwork, but I did have the joy of watching the turtle-doves soar on the door for the week of Christmas.

From the Pulpit
    I thought it would be fun to use the modern folk tune by the Byrds (Turn, Turn, Turn),  to express the 30 ideas of Solomon in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.  After all, the words to the tune were almost verbatim from the Scripture with the exception of the phrase, “Turn, Turn, Turn.”  In other words, the new year will challenge us all with a multitude of scenarios and we ought to prepare for them all.  I only focused on three (to keep the sermon from getting too long):  there is a time to laugh, a time to weep and a time to be silent.  (See the full sermon at my website www.BlaktiePress.com).

From the Pew
    We needed some help for the closing hymn of the service.  It’s my fault.  I got a little devious and thought we ought to sing the actual folk song for our benediction.  I’ve never seen such a valiant effort by everyone trying to locate the tune.  Jo’s brilliant organ playing helped, but it wasn’t until I played the actual Byrd’s song through the speaker system that everyone really got it.  But by then, alas, we had dismissed, and people were slowly leaving.  Still, I got a real kick out of watching everyone’s faces as they struggled demurely for the melody.

Farewell until next week.  I hope everyone has a momentous New Year full of wonderful surprises.  I love you all.

Dr. Denny

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