From the Schoolhouse

He’s a tall Puerto Rican who likes to let the girls tie his long hair into a bun.  JT has a quiet disposition.  He’s likable and always tries to get an A although he often falls short.  I was playing some random music on my portable speaker the other day in class.  Someone would suggest a song and I would summon it from the depths of the Iphone and let it rip.  (The door was closed).  That’s when Jackson salsaed over with long cool strides and asked demurely if I could play his favorite song.  “Sure, Jackson  What is it?”

His eyes brightened and he whispered it to me.  “It’s very popular in Puerto Rico right now.”

“What’s it called?” I asked intrigued.


I searched my mind for the three Puerto Rican words I knew.  This wasn’t one.  “What does it mean?” I asked him.

He smiled innocently, his eyes dipping slightly. “Slowly,” he said.

I found the song and turned up the volume.   The music seemed to crawl inside him. He emerged a chrysalis dreaming of distant possibilities and began to sing, his arms punching the air accenting the lyrics.

I realized, as I watched him dance Puerto Rican style about the room, how culturally different we all are, but how in many ways we are so much the same.  A simple love song can grip any soul and make us all look like fools.

From the Pulpit

I wrapped and presented three little gift boxes to the congregation in this sermon.  (Christmas is only 240 days away).  I got an early start.  None of these were on the WalMart shelves.  I checked.  Not there.  

My first gift comes in a lovely floral box–PEACE.  Paul often offered this gift to his congregations.  Here it is.  Doesn’t look like much, but I want each of you to have this. It is an elusive gift.  Few people today seem to have it.  Liz Taylor’s auction of her jewelry netted a cool $115 million.  But it couldn’t buy this gift.  I read that half of all Americans go to sleep worrying.  This gift will greatly help with this burden.  With this gift, your priorities will be adjusted and the less important things of life will flutter to the floor.

John mentions this gift in John 14:27.  “My peace I leave with you.  My peace I give to you…” said Jesus.  I want to give you this gift, but unfortunately I can’t It is not mine to give.  You’ll have to see Jesus after the service. He will gladly bestow it to you.

My other gifts were Joy and Love.  See my website for the full sermon…

From the Pews

tiffanyThe pews are weeping today.  We all just learned of the tragic death of one taken far too early in life.  Tiffany Smith, after a long battle with a brain tumor, succumbed this week and passed into the arms of the Savior.  You may read her obituary at the Thornton Funeral Home site listed  here:

I didn’t know her long but in the short time our paths crossed I saw her many fine qualities and love for her family, church, and community.  It’s hard to say goodbye to someone only 43 years old.  But then we know there are no real goodbyes in the pews, only farewells until we gather again in the dwelling places God has prepared for us all.

There will be a visitation at Thornton Funeral Home in Parksley this Saturday (May 6) from 6-8 pm.  The funeral service will be at the Drummondtown Baptist Church at 3:00 pm on Sunday with Dr. David R. Denny and Rev. John Cullop officiating.  Interment will follow in the Edgehill Cemetery in Accomac, and a reception will follow at Mallard’s Restaurant in Onancock.  


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