Dream Team Meeting #1 January 20, 2018


Location: Onley Coffee House 10:30 am-January 20, 2018

Members: David Denny–Alice Rew–Susan Warren–Shirley Deeds–Eddie Mears–Cindy Milliner–Jo Coniglio–Linda Nyborg–Cheryl Bloxom–Alice Denny–Susan Mears–Shevon Kellam (Girl Scouts)

Selection of officers: Moderator (Dr. Denny)–Assistant moderator– (Eddie Mears)– Secretary– (Shirley Deeds)  Treasurer– Susan Mears)

Building an energized and meaningful Sunday school for all ages.

1. What did Sunday school mean to you when you were a kid? Any Memories?

2.  What makes Vacation Bible School and our annual Christmas programing so popular for kids and their parents.  (Could we duplicate these elements into our Sunday school?)

3.  What can we do to get started? Let’s list and discuss some innovations:  *A monthly emphasis? This might include: Sunday lunch–special music–kids involvement–attendance goals by classes with awards in worship hour? (hat day–write a letter day–cake day–scarf day etc–(Just to have fun).

4.  How can we pull in all the families with children that are already a part of the extended church family? Who are they? Make a list. SS newsletter to mail to all prospective families.

5.  Selection of teachers and Training for teachers. (Order literature when ready) Have a local SS convention using resources from Bridge Network–(Lynn Hardaway and Kim Jessie). Invite other churches to join us.

6.  Set a kick off Sunday. Make it a big day. Use our master prospect list. Get everyone to come. What can we do for this day and what is the date? Worship service announcements and pep talks

7.  Scholarships for families with children. Join the church and attend at least 40 times a year and the DBC will invest in your child’s future. $100 scholarships for starters. Then every 3 years that increases by $25 until the child enrolls in a college or university.


Homework: Over the next month as we wait for the February meeting, pull out your Dream Team folder when you have a few quiet moments and write down your thoughts and ideas on the paper I provided. This will be our beginning point at the next meeting.

*2nd meeting–February 1, 2018–Drummondtown Church –6:00 pm

*3rd meeting date and time–February 10, 2018–Panzotti’s Restaurant 10:30 am.

Dreamer1 2


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