About Blaktie

BlakTie PressBlaktie is a cadre of writers who share a love of creative expression.  Inch your way into this hidden copse and listen carefully.  You’ll hear excited voices tucked away beneath green branches.  Secrets.  Can you hear them?  That guy over there has a dream he’s been harboring for a lifetime, a magical novel he’s finally decided to share with the world.  Secrets.  The girl beneath the canopy of leaves has finally found a voice and she’s thrilled to share her recipes.  We’re  just writers who want to change the world one little book at a time

Blaktie is a family.  We meet together at local diners and living rooms and back stages–wherever we can find an audience of one or more.  We slip the key into a thousand locks and unleash the best of who we are.  We share our secrets and our ideas and our plot twists.  And when the sun sets and we disperse, we leave happy and fulfilled because we emptied a little of ourselves and filled a void somewhere in someone’s heart.

If you would like to join us, then please do.  We never really turn the lights off.  All you need is an idea.  Bring that little seed to us and let us help you plant it.  It won’t take long before you too will be sharing secrets long suppressed—-secrets that just might make a difference.

Denny portrait.jpg

David R.Denny  Ph.D
President–Blaktie Press